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      Advanced Technology

      Mingyang adheres to the idea that innovation is the primary driving force for development, takes talents as the primary capital. Therefore we attract high-end talents around the world and seek extensive international technical exchanges and industry-university-research institute cooperation.

       We build R&D innovation platforms, including “one headquarters and five centers” which undertake the innovation in R&D of international cutting-edge technologies such as high-power offshore wind turbine technology, deep-sea floating technology and carbon fiber/fiberglass blended blade technology.

      High-power Offshore Wind Turbine Technology

      High-power Offshore Wind Turbine Technology

      Mingyang’s semi-direct drive technology undergoes 10 years’ practice and three times of updating. Based on the characteristics of wind resources and marine environment in China, the customized large-capacity MySE5.5/7.0MW offshore typhoon resistance wind turbine is developed and the mass production of this product is realized.

      Meanwhile, the R&D of 8-12 MW large offshore anti-typhoon wind turbine is started, which is designed according to IEC614003, having excellent anti-typhoon performance, modular design, compact structure, high efficiency, excellent power generation performance, good corrosion resistance performance, convenient construction, easy maintenance and other advantages.

      Deep-sea Floating Technology

      Deep-sea Floating Technology

      Mingyang stresses investment in technology R&D and input in training of our professional technicians, so we obtain considerable technological achievements and experience in wind and wave data collection, innovative R&D of offshore wind turbines, offshore wind power construction and other aspects. 

      We carry out technical exchanges and cooperation with excellent research institutions at home and abroad centering on deep-sea floating technology to strive to make technological breakthrough, thus developing a semi-submersible floating foundation and an innovative floating foundation with reasonable load transfer, safe structure and stable motion response for the deep-sea areas where typhoon often occurs, offering safe and reliable deep sea-type wind turbine solutions with controllable cost and excellent power generation performance for application of our high-power wind turbines in deep sea.

      Blade Segmentation and Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass Blending Technology

      Blade Segmentation and Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass Blending Technology

      Mingyang has a professional blade technology R&D team consisting of nearly 100 members and leads the way especially in the blade segmentation technology and carbon fiber/fiberglass technology in the industry.

      Blade Segmentation

      The segmented blade technology independently developed by Mingyang solves the blade transportation problem caused by complex terrain, making contribution to turning some areas where wind power construction is impossible due to terrain restrictions into green energy production bases. The verification of 58.8m blade sample is completed and DNVGL certification is obtained, meeting the conditions of mass production, marking that Mingyang is the only complete machine manufacturer in China with segmented blade technology.

      Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass Blending

      The blade girder is made of carbon fiber/fiberglass mixture for weight optimization so that the material performance, especially the modulus, can be improved significantly while the material cost is increased to a certain extent. By changing the ratio of carbon fiber yarn to fiberglass, the modulus can be changed linearly from 46Gpa to 120Gpa, hence creating the possibility of design, optimization, weight reduction and cost reduction, and overcoming the limitation that the modulus of pure fiberglass cannot meet the design requirements of large blades at present. Additionally, the bottleneck of high cost of carbon fiber can be eliminated and the effect of 1+1 > 2 can be achieved. Mingyang also develops blade root embedded screw sleeve technology and independently designs the lightning protection system according to the characteristics of carbon fiber/fiberglass mixture.